Stainless Steel Roof Tiles – Not Just for Roofing Anymore Published July 15, 2013

Often thought of strictly for roof shingles, stainless steel tiles offer a unique and durable façade alternative.  Whether designing in neutral tones or bright colors, Millennium Tiles, the only manufacturer of Stainless Steel Tiles, uses several different manufacturing processes to produce tiles with dimensionality and endurance. The Natural, Pewter and Zalmag tiles offer more subtle gray colors in a range of sheen.  Colored tiles are available in both the LIC and TiNi products.

LIC (Light Interference Color) tiles are made from “an electrochemical process which thickens the naturally occurring chromium oxide on stainless steel. The clear oxide layer acts like the raindrop which creates the rainbow.” The color is produced by light interference on the surface of the stainless steel; therefore, the color will vary based upon the amount of light and the angle from which it is being viewed.  Since the color is merely perceived, the tiles are not affected by UV and will not fade over time.

Manufactured using vapor deposition, the TiNi product comes in rich colors, including imperial gold, permanent copper, antique bronze, royal blue, and peacock.  LIC and TiNi tiles are available in several sizes, including sheets up to 48” X 120” giving architects numerous layout alternatives for designing exterior facades.

According to Architectural Record, the roofing tiles are “competitively priced” and “are made of approximately 75 percent recycled material and are 100 percent recyclable”.   Since all Millennium Tiles’ products are permanently colored tiles, they are maintenance free and come with a 50 year warranty.  The timeless beauty, recyclability, and longevity of stainless steel tiles make them an exceptional value for any type of building project.

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