Accolades Abound for Swisspearl Project Published July 29, 2011

Gary Comer Youth Center, designed by renowned Chicago architect, John Ronan, was completed in 2007 and continues to receive recognition.  Awarded with the Silver Medal Award for the 2011 Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence in May, Ronan designed the exterior cladding of the center with Arcspec’s high quality Swisspearl fiber cement panels, incorporating nine different colors, some custom, installed horizontally.  “On the exterior, a cladding system of brightly coloured cement composite panels stand for the Center’s Youthful Orientation.” – John Ronan, Swisspearl Architecture Magazine 4

Utilizing various shades and sizes of gray panels hung in a vertical orientation, Ronan worked with Arcspec and Swisspearl a second time on the recently completed 94,000 SF Christ the King Jesuit College Preparatory School.  Cross inscribed Swisspearl panels were also used on the interior of the building in the St. Ignatius Chapel which won the Interior Design Best of the Year Award in February of this year.  The project was recently featured in the May 2011 issue of Architect Magazine.

Demonstrating the flexibility of the color palette and design options offered by Swisspearl cement composite panels, both of Ronan’s projects are featured on Swisspearl’s website and in their publication, Swisspearl Architecture Magazine.

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